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Top 10 Packs that are WORTH it! – Lords Mobile


IF you download Lords Mobile from Huawei App Gallery, here is a way you can save 50% on your money. Check it out here: https://awap3.jos.hicloud.com/appdl-a… Get the discount by giving your Huawei ID – this is required for the offer above ^ https://forms.gle/FnZZTUMFCSpGspAJ7 Get 30% on your purchases! Learn how here: https://youtu.be/Z_ag67zbnmU en.bignox.com?utm_campaign=Dakota – Download the Nox Emulator and get Lords Mobile on your PC! This link is an affiliate, so I make revenue if you download the emulator. I use them myself personally and i’m proud to be able to recommend them this way as they are in my opinion the better emulator to use! If you want to help support me – I appreciate it! http://www.compassarcade.com/blog/ – Check out my blog to stay updated on all the latest guides and content from my channel! The top 10 packs that are worth a buy in Lords Mobile!
Affiliate Link | https://gamehag.com/a/1156 – Use Gamehag to grab soul gems, get free stuff. Try the website on a PC, the app is ok but the website is 100x better. I’ve been using this app to save, thought I’d recommend it for you too! They do giveaways, contests, if you do surveys you’ll get stuff. If you write articles if thats your thing, they give points for that too, called soul gems. Main thing is – you just want to do it casually, like if you install games you do it through them and then hit complete task (when you’re actually ready) and you wait like 48 hours or so by screenshotting your screen (gotta be on the website btw) but yeah, check it out and lemme know what you think in the comment section. For business inquiries, email me here: followdakotafisherman@gmail.com

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Hey guys this was a viewer requested video and it basically tells you whats the best way to spend gems as a F2P player obviously nothing in this video has to be followed just a little outline on what i believe to be most effient

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